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INITIATION Main Objective: Set up good basis for your future skills Target 1: To be able to defend yourself against simple attacks from various weapons Target 2: To be able to attack and defend 12 angles Target 3: Discover the correct attitude required to an arnisadore Weaponry: Single Stick, Double Stick, Espada y Daga, Solo Daga From his first lesson to the green belt, the Arnisadore discovers the simple techniques that can found in most systems of Arnis Kali Eskrima.The first weapon will be the single stick, or At this stage, the student need to apply the principles developed earlier.Some teacher pretend they never learned from anybody but themselves and their experience? It only depends upon the depth of knowledge they are referring too.

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The kalista is now looking for perfection in his techniques although his training remains Each individual may specialize in one or two weapon or in a type of combat. The general skills level is measured according to Four angles: Depth of Knowledge, Understanding of Filipino Culture, Efficacy in Combat and Personality.

At this stage it is important to focus on "concept and principles" beyond the techniques themselves.

5th Degree Black Belt – Lakan Lima 6th Degree Black Belt – Lakan Anim 7th Degree Black Belt – Lakan Pito From the 8th to the 10th Degree, the Arnisadore will put all his energy and application to go beyond the art itself.

It is time to use the skills to empty hand techniques against various weapons.

In the same time, the arnisadore is developing his capacity to use both hands and develop ambidexterity in combat.