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3 ka, has been lower than at present (Mathiassen in Gabel-Jørgensen & Egedal 1940; Roussel 1941; Weidick 1976, 1993; Foged 1979; Rasch & Nielsen 1994, 1995; Rasch et al.1996), and that a transgression maximum occurred in the middle of the present century (Gabel- Jørgensen & Egedal 1940; Saxov 1958).1996), archaeological observations (Mathiassen in Gabel-Jørgen sen & Egedal 1940; Bøg vad 1940; Roussel 1941; Larsen & Meldgaard 1958; Weidick 1993; Kramer 1996) and early tidal observations (Gabel-Jørgen sen & Egedal 1940; Saxov 1958).

Washover ridges and lagoons developed during the transgression after 0.7 ka BP.

Based on the core data it is suggested that the transgression after 0.7 ka BP might have consisted of three transgression phases separated by periods with stable or slightly regressive conditions.

The coastal geomorphology of three cuspate forelands at Saqqarliit Ilorliit, western Disko, West Greenland is described, sediment core data from salt marshes and lagoons are presented, an emergence curve is constructed, and data are discussed in relation to late Holocene relative sea-level (RSL) changes. The coastal geomorphology at Saqqarliit Ilorliit suggest transgression early in the interval 2.5 -1.0 ka BP and between 0.7 ka BP and the present.

On western Disko, falling RSL in early-middle Holocene was followed by rising RSL in late Holocene. The first transgression resulted in formation of an intertidal platform and coastal cliffs.

The geomorphology of three cuspate forelands at Saqqarliit Ilorliit (Fig.