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Ronnie is a Cloud Architect and Co-manager of Enterprise Architecture at Widex A/S based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In his spare time he is a Co-Organizer of CNUG, occasional speaker and is dedicated to Open Source Software, the last project has been a Roslyn T-SQL Analyzer, but one of the more known projects has been u Components and the Umbraco CMS Ronnie love all facets of software development from Test driven development, Software Architecture, and continous delivery.

He is visionary and a technologist by heart, and has a great passion to be the bridge between technology and business. Outside of Software development, Ronnie is keeping shape by doing Ironman distance triathlon.

After launch, their solar cells provided 224 watts power for instruments and communications.

Solar array power has gradually declined as the mission progressed, due to damage by energetic charged particles, but this was planned for and the power level remains sufficient for science operations.

The four spacecraft maneuver into various tetrahedral formations to study the magnetospheric structure and boundaries.