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The company was still recovering from a sales slump and management crisis when a comedian/political activist named Morgan Spurlock released a documentary (Super Size Me) in which he filmed himself consuming three Mc Donald's meals a day for one month, thereby gaining 25 pounds and claiming to suffer from depression.

Read more North Carolina governor Pat Mc Crory conceded defeat Monday in his reelection battle against Democrat Roy Cooper, bringing a razor-thin contest that had been extended by a recount process to a close.

Read more In its Great Battles series, Oxford University Press has published studies of Waterloo, Gallipoli, Alamein, Agincourt, and Hattin—the battle Saladin won that enabled him to recapture Jerusalem from the Crusaders.

Read more A fight over several of Donald Trump's cabinet selections is brewing in the Senate before the 115th Congress even convenes, a development that one Democratic senator who is often at odds with his party calls "BS".

It’s a different portrait by a different renaissance master, conveniently located only a hundred feet away from the Mona Lisa, in an adjacent Louvre gallery. Read more When Hillary Clinton lost the election nearly four weeks ago, one of my graduate school professors ran her concession speech live during my international law class (the United Nations is supreme; universal healthcare is a right; George W. Read more The alt-right movement, relatively minuscule but outsized in the media coverage it has received before and since Donald Trump's election, is the latest iteration of America's dalliance with identity politics.

So writes WEEKLY STANDARD senior editor Christopher Caldwell in the A certain type of American always got along well with Fidel Castro. Read more Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday ripped last summer’s landmark nuclear deal with Iran and said he would work with president-elect Donald Trump to remedy its shortcomings.

Jesse Jackson was exactly that type—left-wing, ambitious, publicity-conscious. Read more In this episode of THE WEEKLY STANDARD Confab, Michael Warren joins host Eric Felten to report on Capitol Hill strategizing about how to repeal and replace the (un-)Affordable Care Act.

Ethan Epstein comes by to send off Fidel Castro with a Bronx cheer. Read more It was not a great year for Mc Donald’s in 2004.