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He is greatly inspired my both pop culture and different subcultures.

Webpage Watch video interview with Klas Eriksson at: Vimeo Youtube On the ocassion of Copenhagen Art Festival Overgaden presents a solo exhibition by the german artist Hito Steyerl.

In her critical perspective on documentary, the only objective truth appears to be the lack of information.

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With a point of departure in five works of contemporary art from the festival’s curated program in public space in 2012, Routes 2 Communities engages students in investigations of and debates about the social communities and groups around us.

Routes 2 Communities is supported by the Pools and Lottery Funds of The Ministry of Children and Education.

Communities that we’re defined within or excluded from, that we are proud of or provoked by. Routes 2 Communities is a free digital and interactive learning tool aimed at students in upper secondary schools, produced by the Copenhagen Art Festival.

Routes 2 Communities is especially develped for courses in visual arts, languages, media or social studies.

Since 1995 Song Dong has used a calligraphy brush to write with water on pavements and squares all over the world.