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Having watched him absolutely tear up the “Cave” (a kind of 3-dimensional hellish portal structural cavernous installation) countless times on Youtube over the last year, I’m pretty surprised and disappointed to find Dubfire going through the motions with a pretty mundane and disinterested set- half the time he’s even got his back turned to the crowd and seems more interested in chatting to Sven Vaëth hanging out behind him.

Swiftly moving on, we head next door to check out mogul playing the kind of crystal like tech-minimal that the German imprint is best known for.

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Dixon is immediately more absorbing than Dubfire and the crowd here seems more genuinely interested in actually listening to fine sounds rather than watching the large shows next door.

Sinfully, the sound itself in the room is not up to scratch; it’s simply not clear enough to do justice to Dixon’s delicate tonalities nor loud enough to overcome the wobbly bass interference coming through the rather thin walls from next door.

), we make it in just after Gaiser has started in room one.

This being my first time at Time Warp (TW), I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the crowd in attendance, which seems to stretch a mile back.

In much need of a drink but penniless having, like an amateur, failed to withdraw cash before coming in, I have no choice but to head outside in search of an ATM.