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RELATED: 'BIP' Wedding Details Revealed Everyone was crying as Marcus and Lacy got married on party got started. Ashley and Lauren showed up on the beach and everyone was totally confused. Lauren started crying because she didn’t like anybody. Jade wasn’t happy and Tenley didn’t think it was fair. Jonathan Holloway said he’s had sisters and virgins before. Their age difference came up, but Lauren’s dated 40-year-olds before. But Lauren later decided she didn’t like him either. Marcus Grodd And Lacy Faddoul Got Married Everyone cheered when Marcus showed up.

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Ashley Iaconetti was totally into Jared and even asked him on her date, but he seemed less excited about their relationship. “Lauren can slut it up, and I get to stick around,” Ashley I. Chris also had something he wanted everyone to see. finally worked up the nerve to talk to Jared about her love of Princess Jasmine. After practicing with Lauren and crying again, she went to ask him. Lauren’s “not the virgin.” Ashley was nervous because guys gravitate towards Lauren. She’s his greatest love, and he would always bother her with kisses in the morning.

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, meanwhile, had an instant connection. Lacy and Marcus got married in an incredibly romantic wedding. Everyone thought it was a rose ceremony, but it was Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul’s wedding! She thought it went really well, but Jared went to talk to Jade on the beach. She’s more flirtatious, and they could end up fighting over a guy. Lacy said that the love they shared couldn’t be defined by words, but by the time they spend together. Marcus then wished everyone good luck and said congratulations to the couple or couples that he knew were out there on for Jared. She finally did talk to him, but she got really emotional when he went off to talk to Jade.

She wanted to get to know Jared better and the dates solidify relationships. She didn’t know if she wanted to take Tanner or Jared. right on time for Jade to announce who she wanted to take. They had a romantic dinner on their date and Jade said she felt like they had an instant connection. Soon they decided to go swimming in the river despite the lightening. Tanner talked about how long he had waited for a one-on-one date and it was totally worth it.

Jade Roper And Tanner Tolbert Had An Instant Connection .

Everyone was hanging out when they all noticed some flashing lights. “Paradise could be over for her before it even started,” Carly said.


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